Doctor Esker's Notebook Reviews

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Below are links to some of the many great reviews coming in for Doctor Esker's Notebook!

All are spoiler-free unless indicated.

  • The Opinionated Gamers --
    "It was a great experience for the three of us . . . I loved it!"
  • What's Eric Playing? --
    "I had fun cracking Doctor Esker's Notebook! . . . Its major advantage is that it has a super awesome clue system."
  • G33K HQ --
    "very fun...sure to test your wits in a fun way." Note: picture posted with the review has one partial spoiler for the first puzzle
  • Everything Board Games --
    "Because this game is beautiful. And not just the art--the attention to detail here is astounding, and the ease of the solutions is brilliant."
  • Room Escape Artist --
    "...a brilliant puzzle game with a clever solution mechanism."
  • Board Game Gumbo --
    "...working through the puzzles was a joy."
  • Jason's Board Game Diagnostics --
    "Cryptic and cool cards!" Video review [SPOILER ALERT] Starting at 1:55, the video will show you how to solve the first puzzle. Spoilers end at 6:40.
  • Escape The Review --
    "...the main thing it offers is excellent puzzles, each to varying degrees following the perfect trajectory from baffling at the beginning to lucidly clear when solved."
  • Board Game Capital --
    "Talk about some tricky in depth and creative puzzles! . . . We loved it!"
  • Jorge Zhang --
    "Doctor Esker’s Notebook is a fantastic puzzle adventure that I highly recommend."
  • Sequential Planet --
    "... a challenging and engaging puzzle experience. You won’t find any tabletop games like it."
  • Board Game Quest --
    "The real masterpiece here is the solution system..."
  • I Slay The Dragon --
    "Solution system is absolutely ingenious."
  • SAHM Reviews --
    "...much cheaper than movie tickets for an evening of entertainment."
  • Hungry / --
    "This is a delightful brain burner."
  • James' Games --
    "A unique puzzle game in card form." Video review, with one partial spoiler for the first puzzle
  • Board Game Hub --
    "The game concept is fantastic. I love how a simple set of cards can provide such varied and challenging puzzles."

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