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Three enthusiastic thumbs up, plus one 10-yr-old insisting that the answer to everything is probably 'pizza.'

Beth Q.

This was awesome - I recommend it!

Peter G.

I highly recommend this game. Highly.

Michael Burstein, Award-winning sci fi author and
member of the National Puzzler's League.

Fun little puzzle game.

John N., Amazon reviewer

Fun Challenge! This is an amazing game - it's so impressive that just a few cards can fit together so many ways.

Brian Epstein, Amazon reviewer

This game was so much fun! I love puzzles and I'm stuck inside a lot during the winter so this really hit the spot.

Jen Jen, Amazon reviewer

...a very cleverly created card game that will have you scratching your head and thinking like you never have before...

Board Game Capital review

A new kind of puzzle game!

Doctor Esker has vanished, leaving behind only a mysterious book full of puzzles written in his own hand. Nobody has cracked his cryptic codes yet. Are you up to the challenge?

The game provides a deck of 73 cards which contain nine devious puzzles to solve. You can play through the puzzles solo or together with family and friends. Great for a party, a game night, or a lazy afternoon.

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