Cult is a card-based strategy game about fanciful religious cults. You start with a single god with no worshippers, and during the game, you develop a cult of followers for your god and build a temple to your god. You’ll be in competition with other cults, and you may eventually add other gods and cults to your pantheon. Your goal in the game is to attract more followers (and stronger followers) to your cult and to build complete temples to your gods.

You'll also be able to take your pesky competitor cults down a notch or two with special cards such as Heresy, Purge, Iconoclasm, and many others.

Sometime during the game, there will be a prophecy. When the prophecy is fulfilled, it's the End of Days, and whoever is ahead wins!

The game is family friendly and easy to learn. It takes about 45 minutes to play depending on how fast you are.

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The game includes:

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