The Treasure of Mag Mell

The Treasure of Mag Mell

By Dave Dobson

Abcán, the dwarf mystic, has returned from the Island of Mag Mell aboard her boat of bronze. She has stolen eleven artifacts from that faerie realm and delivered them to the Council of Mages. The wizards of the Council have chosen to divide the artifacts among their five guilds and six schools of magic. Some of the artifacts have great power, while some bear insidious curses.

You wish to lead the Council of Mages. Over the course of the game, you and your competitors will assign each artifact to a guild or school and then recruit allies to lock down control of the treasures. In the end, the leadership of the Council goes to the mage who controls the most (and the best) artifacts. Will that be you?

This strategic card game is simple to learn but challenging to win. All of the play is open - revealed to all players - so you'll be able to know what's going on. You implement your strategy in three ways - by choosing the value of a particular School or Guild of Mages on each of your turns, by recruiting Mages as allies carefully to create majorities, and by affecting (through your choices) how many Mages your opponents can draw. There are also a lot of special mages with powers that can make or break your game.

The game is family friendly. It takes about 30-60 minutes depending on how quickly you play, how many players are playing, and which of the complexity levels you choose.

The Treasure of Mag Mell is under continuing development and isn't yet available for sale.

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The game includes: