By Dave Dobson
Art by Jason Greeno (Greeno Design)

Yoggity is a game of resource management, industrial production, parts, and paint. Lots of parts and paint. You compete with other players to collect resources and fill orders for all sorts of products in a variety of eye-catching colors. You’ll need to snap up the parts you need, manage your funds, and be willing to cut a deal if necessary to get your products out of the factory door. Your goal is to complete the customer's order first. You do this by putting together the required parts and paint to build whatever the customer has ordered. You can get the resources you need by careful management of your cards or by trading with other players for parts, coins, paint, or anything else they want that you have.

Yoggity is simple to learn, but complex to play. You'll have to be clever, lucky, and even a little ruthless to make sure your products reach the market. The game is family friendly. It takes about 45-60 minutes depending on how quickly you play.

Yoggity is under continuing development and isn't yet available for sale.

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Game Board and Sample Cards - Click to enlarge

The game includes: