A new kind of puzzle game!


Doctor Esker has vanished, leaving behind only a mysterious book full of puzzles written in his own hand. Nobody has cracked his cryptic codes yet. Are you up to the challenge?

The game provides a deck of 72 cards which contain eight devious puzzles to solve. You can play through the puzzles solo or together with family and friends. Great for a party, a game night, or a lazy afternoon.

How it works

Each puzzle is composed of a set of cards. You can solve the puzzle by reading, comparing, arranging and pondering the messages, drawings, and artwork on the cards. Solving the puzzle reveals a sequence of numbers. When you think you’ve got it, gather the solution cards corresponding to the number sequence and flip them. If you see a message or image, you’ve solved the puzzle.

General Advice

The Sequel!

There's a sequel to Doctor Esker's Notebook, called (creatively enough) Son of Doctor Esker's Notebook. There are nine more puzzles in a brand new deck.

I'm stuck!

If you're stuck, you can click the link below to get hints on the puzzles. There are hints for the original game and the sequel on the page linked below. Each puzzle has several kinds of hints to choose: